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Uniquely Creative Social Entrepreneurship with Sashka Avanyan


The Shareable Podcast with Jeff Gibbard

repat armenia community

Your twenties is the best period to discover what Armenia can offer you, especially the regions.

The idea for Creopia Productions was born out

of a love for the Armenian city of Vanadzor...

Yunus & Youth Feature

Civil Net Report

Վանաձոր. անկախության սերունդը

Vanadzor. the independent generation


Podcast Interview about how Armenia gifted me a national identity 

Public tv of armenia


Short Tv Feature about being a

Diasporan movingto Armenia



A Facebook live session talking about the quarantine situation in Vanadzor, repatriation, Creopia Productions, and life in Armenia as a Diasporan

Interview with



Interview about repatriation (in Armenian)

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